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It is therefore crucial that the business owner create their logos with a distinctive design that’s attractive and simple to recall.

The first tip of the speaker is encouraging participants to think. The best time to think about brainstorming is when your creative juices are in full flow. When brainstorming, it should be free of interruptions. The brainstorming should also be intense. If it is done right the process of brainstorming could bring more ideas to your mind. The best advice for anyone is to ensure that they note down their suggestions they have for brainstorming. So that there is no chance that great ideas will be lost.

Allowing ideas to sit in the fridge for at minimum 24 hours is yet another suggestion in the video. After a day of thinking and contemplating, the speaker suggests the individual revisit their ideas. It is possible that these ideas are good ones. The individual may come up with new ideas and decide to go on another route to the concept. m7r94rbqi8.