How to Restore Faded Leather Furniture – House Killer

throughout the life of your furniture, especially in rooms that let in lots of sunshine. It is not necessary to replace your chairs or sofas that are worn out. Instead, you can use these tips to bring your leather furniture back in the original state.

First, make sure to have at minimum three shades of spray. There are a variety of shades and coats. Therefore, you need to be able to blend them all to ensure the most effective results.

Begin with the lightest shade you have and spray around a foot. Don’t spray the affected part, instead, give it the lightest coating. Make sure not to get caught in the threading. Let the first layer you place on the threads for a couple of minutes and then apply another coat.

Continue to layer on Gradually transforming into darker hues as you go. Be sure to keep your strokes brief and aim for a distance of about one-foot. After you’ve finished the darker layer, apply a sealer to make the colour last longer.

Fading is an aspect of having leather furniture. It doesn’t mean you have remove it and you could use this method to fix it in around 10-15 minutes. To get a visual instruction on the process you can watch the video above.