Different Types of Wooden Trusses – Family Dinners

home you are creating. This video will explain the different varieties of wood trusses available that you must choose to build your new home.

Common truss is most common and affordable truss used in timber framing. The lower tie beam is joined by two rafters on the bottom. This type of trust is easy and is in use for many centuries. It is a perfect fit within your home.

Queen Post is the next truss. It’s like the standard one in that it has the tie beam. Furthermore, the Queen Post uses two posts in the gable area that are what give the truss its name. The posts provide strength and emphasize window positions within the gable.

The King Post is third type of Truss. It is situated inside the gable. It also has two support struts that can be found on either the other side. Hammer beams are the fourth type of truss. It’s the most complex truss and it needs to be installed by a knowledgeable engineer.The scissor-truss design is the design that is final. Its unique style is made by two beams that cross one another. This creates unique appearance without losing its strength and endurance. You can find more details on the various kinds of trusses by watching this video.