This Minecraft Mod Adds Some Amazing New Creatures – J Search

Tell your friends about this. Happily, Bisect Hosting offers modded Minecraft private server hosting. There is a server to meet your needs. Don’t miss out the latest and most popular mods. In this video, viewers will learn more about the Alex’s Mobs mod.

The most interesting and exciting addition to Alex’s Mobs is the Catfish. Catfish are found in swamps and come in various sizes. The larger catfishes can swallow mobs that are small or one block in size. That means you could discover them eating small sea creatures. When they find a sea cucumber, or get a bucket to drink from, they can spit it back out. You could also use these objects to make backpacks. This wouldn’t work however it could be amusing! Catfish collection is an additional interesting option to collect catfish. If you want to harvest sea creatures of a certain kind, you could place sea cucumbers in near hoppers. The sea cucumbers will be a good choice it is the catfish that spits the sea creature out of the hopper.