Fiber Optic Internet and Gaming – Global World of Business

Amusing, but is it is actually the case? We’ll look at the pros and cons.

DSL or cable are the most common alternatives to fiber optic Internet. DSL connects to your telephone line and, despite its reputation as old-fashioned the technology can perform effectively if you’re in close proximity to your ISP. DSL is much more reliable than internet cable However, it is true that cable internet can sometimes be slow compared to DSL because it relies upon multiple internet users simultaneously.

Unlike DSL and cable which use copper wires, fiber optic internet utilizes a specific kind of wire that is made up of glass or even plastic. This material allows for an extremely speedy connection. Fiber optic internet can also provide an unidirectional connection. This is that it’s download and upload speeds are the same. Gamers who need large quantities of data that need to be transferred and received swiftly will find this extremely attractive.

However, good internet for gaming doesn’t only require speed. What’s more crucial than speed are low levels of latency, loss of packets and jitter. These are features that can be provided with all three internet providers. While fiber optic Internet is quick, it’s costly, which is why it’s essential to weigh all of your possibilities before you choose any provider.