Visible Signals of a Termite Infestation – NC Pool Supply

It might not be enough. So how do you fix the issue? It is recommended that homeowners hire an exterminator who can inspect their property on a regular basis. The signs and symptoms of termite damage need to be noticed by all homeowners. They are signs.

Mud tubes can be a sign of an infestation of termites, according to the video’s voiceover. They use the mud tubes for tunnels to shield themselves when they go from the nests into structures. The mud tubes are located in the joints of expansion or slabs.

A different sign that indicates termite problems is tiny piles of frass. While these look as if they are wood chips or sawdust, they’re termite droppings. When termites chew through the wood in the slab and leave droppings behind, they create a mess. Infested floors and walls can be an additional sign of an infestation of termites. The tunnels that termites leave behind after they have burrowed through wood could lead to the walls and floors to have caved. A fourth sign of termite problems is the presence of swarmers. A homeowner may notice large number of swarmers in their home, which could suggest an imminent issue.