How Safe Is the Glass In Your Car? – Fast Car Video

The question is: Does your vehicle’s glass ensure your safety in the event of an accident? What’s the distinction between auto glass and normal glasses that you take a drink? It goes into the science of it all and provides information that could help you any time you’ll need a windows for your car replaced.

The first part of the video explains what everyday glass is. The glass that you see is an abrasive that has been heated up to 2800degrees Fahrenheit. The glass in your car windshield is much stronger than regular glass, being strong enough to stand up to 2000 pounds of force! Glass doesn’t crack like normal glass, however it isn’t shattered when you force force against it.

Two panes of glass that make up your windshield. There is one layer of vinyl sandwiched between. You can ask your mechanic about what’s happening when you bring in car windows for repairs. Vinyl is what makes things stick.

Your windshield differs from auto windows. Glass isn’t sprayed by vinyl, and it breaks into tiny pieces in order to shield your eyes. Tempering is a method that makes this glass safe. iunsblfpt9.