How Often Should I Take My Car To The Auto Repair Shop? – Car Talk Podcast

Here are some helpful tips and tricks that can help you get started.

I’m in need of new brakes. What should I do to identify a reliable shop?

To get written estimates, inquire for references. Get in touch with people who you are familiar with and inquire the place they drive their cars is and whether they’re happy with the service. Also, you can conduct an online search for phrases like “affordable brakes close to me.” When you’ve found the option of two or three, take your car by and ask for an estimate on paper.

Do I need to be careful when taking my vehicle to an repair center for body work?

Body shops focus on fixing knocked-in doors and re-doing the paint job. They’re also great places to get older model cars back into peak physical condition. If you’ve got a modern vehicle that’s still under warranty, you could want to consider sticking with your dealer’s affiliated repair shop. Having work done by outside mechanics is often a reason to invalidate the warranty on some newer vehicles. Remember that all maintenance on brakes and tires for cars that are newer should be carried out every few months so that warranty validity is not affected.

Are there mechanics on Sunday?

We feel your pain! It’s not simple to have the services of a mechanic, but you can’t locate one. The best tip is to know that the larger repair centers are typically open on Sundays and will be in a position to assist when you need help in the event of an emergency. And gas stations with repair facilities are great choices. 8wbhiiz7hs.