Closet Makeover DIY – Daily Inbox

She is halfway through her customized closet remodeling. She is doing it all her own. She researched a lot of closet organization systems. IKEA has many options but they are very expensive. The most cost-effective option was for her to build it by herself. She sketched out her entire plan before beginning. This is the reason it’s so important to make a strategy in place before you start. Planning ahead will allow you to see the potential space that you can make. You can really maximize the space you have between the floor and the ceiling. There is a need to remove all clutter so there is a space to begin working from. The best way to begin is with the lowest point. In order to avoid causing it to get damaged, she began with removing the carpet. She then took the entire hanging items off the wall. A good tip is to pull the screws off first before taking off the shelves altogether. If you are curious about learning more continue watching this video for additional information. 38i8flr8of.