Whats It Like to Be a Lawyer? – Loyalty Driver

First, like most people who work in law firms, Tom gets up, dresses, and sets out for the day. Tom has a distinct style than traditional lawyers because the law firm he runs is his own. He wears whatever he wants when he goes to perform his duties. However, he has mentioned that he wears suits in the event of having to attend court. He can be found at his house answering emails or, if necessary making phone calls.

Tom visits the office for a check-in, make several calls, make exploration and interact with fellow staff members. Tom is back in his office in the afternoon to continue the same routine as he did before lunch. After 5pm the time he leaves for the night. He says that his schedules vary based upon the number of cases. The client didn’t have to be at any hearings in court or depositions that particular day. Tom often goes to the gym to unwind and enjoys playing basketball. He likes video games at home as well as cuddling with his partner. bu983fh2dg.