What Is It Like in the College Admissions Decision Room? – Quotes About Education

Admission software to colleges aids with this aspect of the process. Two people read the information about students from each region. Then, the committee decides when it’s all done. Members use an old-fashioned way of voting, using raised hands in each case for the candidate.

To decide which applicants they’ll accept the committee takes into consideration a variety of factors. The grades are certainly an important factor, but the committee takes into account sports as well as other extracurricular events. It also considers musical talent, interests and achievement. In all, the admissions department will accept around 1,000 students from the 8,000-candidate pool.

The school’s Dean believes that despite flaws within the system However, it’s steadily getting better. The institution isn’t able to accept all applicants, which it believes is making the whole process difficult. While many applicants are entitled to an education in higher-quality schools and deserve the opportunity, only those who have performed well receive the honor of being accepted.