Radon Gas Explained –

is not detected quickly. That’s why it is important to know and be educated about radon and radon detection. Radon is a gas that emits radioactivity that naturally occurs in the environment and is extremely hazardous. It has no odor that makes it a deadly. It is also found naturally in the air, however in tiny amounts, which are safe for us. Exposure to radiation can pose an issue in the home or schools as well as in the workplace. Radon is found all over throughout the United States, unfortunately. Radon typically moves up through the soil and eventually into the air. The gas seeps into the home’s foundation. The amount of radon gas in your home can differ based on the location in which you live. Every few years it is the EPA creates a map to indicate which areas of the United States have high levels of gas called radon. Homeowners, schoolchildren, and other businesses must conduct routine test for radon, in places like North Dakota. Testing by a professional can help decide if the home you live in is radon-free. There is also the option to monitor this with test kits or DIY. There’s a lot you need to learn about the effects of radon. You can watch this video for more information. cbfw9vokhd.