A Day in the Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon – health-SPLASH

What’s a typical working day for an orthopedic surgeon? An orthopedic surgeon is able to treat a vast array of bone injury and problems. It is always a good idea after an athletic injury to get checked by an orthopedic surgeon. They’re experts that treat athletic injuries, breaks, sprains and other bone injury.

They often collaborate with physical therapists as well as other health professionals to form part of the treatment team of a patient.

A surgeon is required to work a full day full of patient surgery diagnosis, recording as well as consulting. This short video shows you inside how it’s like to be a surgeon.

This video showcases a resident doctor who shares an entire day’s work with the viewers in order to demonstrate how a shift of 24 hours is like. The MedSchool Insiders video is captivating and will make you appreciate how hard it is to work in residency. Take a look now and gain an insider’s view of an average day of this surgeon.