How to Choose the Perfect Countertops – Family Game Night

It is difficult to have a clue where to start when choosing the right countertop for your home. As new countertop models are getting introduced The market for 2022 has the largest selection of countertop options. When choosing such a vital component of design in your home You must factor into color, durability materials, and finish. For a general rule thumb, you should lean towards more muted and subtle color choices for your countertop, since bright, clashing colors are likely to overwhelm a room’s overall color scheme. In this clip we’ll walk you through the steps of choosing the right countertops for your kitchen.

Solid surface is a countertop product composed of durable acrylic. Not only does it have an easy and seamless installation however, it’s resistant to stains, moisture sun and temperatures. It’s great for cooking, and will withstand frequent spills. Marble is naturally gorgeous and is many homeowner’s first pick when looking at countertops. However, this material is also porous and it is necessary to seal it each 1 to 2 years.