What You Should Know About the Benefits of IV Treatment – News Articles About Health

If you’re interested in finding out more about IV treatments Here are some useful advice from the experts in this field. According to some recent research the amount of vitamin C given through an IV can increase blood levels more than 50 times higher than when taken orally. Injecting IVs allows you to get nutrients your body doesn’t have access too often. Vitamin C has been identified as a effective antioxidant, which binds to 1-3 free radicals in our bodies, which helps to cleanse the heart. Injecting IV drips can remove a variety of free radicals into your bloodstream. This includes heavy metals and the other harmful substances found in the surroundings. There are new chemicals being released into the environment at alarming levels, and a medical wellness center can supply the option of IV treatment to deliver nutrients, or an infusion of ketamine therapy to relieve ongoing pain or mental wellness benefits. If you’re interested in more details, get in touch with a medical wellness center which you trust to provide expert advice and assistance for improving your daily lifestyle.