Preparing your Home Fall and Safety Precautions for Elderly – Family Video Movies

Transfers may be easier if the height is lowered. Transferring the elderly from bed to bed by lowering their. If the bed’s height is still too high, you can lower it also by dismantling the box spring , or by with a box spring that sits lower.

Besides making sure that the bed’s height is adjusted to allow for safe transfer Also, you should put in bed rails to ensure that seniors have support as they’re transfered from the bed. In the absence of bedrails, it’s very easy for a senior to quickly fall off their balance and result in a falling. Bedrails also come in handy in situations where the elderly need be able to get themselves up and sit up properly. The use of a flashlight is an excellent protection against incidents with elderly. In the event of a power outage, keeping a flashlight on the nightstand will ensure that the elderly get some light to help navigate the room should they need to move out of bed.

Here are a few fall and safety precautions to take for loved ones who are elderly that you need to consider. It is important to thoroughly inspect your house and pinpoint any areas that require improvement to ensure they are secure from falling. Another great concern when it comes to staying with an elderly loved one is accessibility–having some items that are difficult to access can create a risk of falling or getting injured. When certain items are hard to reach one may need to get chairs or beds up to reach the items.

All of these are things to take into consideration when you’re looking at safety measures for the elderly members of your family and fall prevention. If you’re unsure what else to do, you can find an expert who will inspect the home and pinpoint points to help you. Look on the internet for someone who can help. They’ll identify the entire area.