Compactor Rental Service Options for Pros and More – Reference

You can see it in the YouTube film “Tool Rental for Pros.”

The initial piece of equipment is Hilti’s big breaker, TE-3000. It’s akin to an air-hammer which weighs between 60 and 90 pounds. Since the equipment is electrical, it functions better. Due to this piece of machinery’s dynamic vibration reduction mechanism that reduces the fatigue of humans and also vibration exposure are greatly reduced and this increases productivity. It can cut through concrete slabs of up to 12 inches wide.

Next comes in the Whacker Neuson Plate Compactor. It comes in 14 or 20 inches of diameter and is able to be used for any job. The combination of high-intensity vibrating and the compactor’s lower mass than the other models in its class speeds up operations. The main benefit to this tool is the fact that the operator is not worn out because there’s no vibration in the handle. These tools are available for lease at compactor rental facilities near you.