Mistakes to Avoid When Lifting Your Truck – The Buy Me Blog

These can be useful when you must travel off-road on mud, snow or rocks. This video highlights mistakes to make when buying truck lifts. This is especially true for those who are first working with a kit.
1. Price

Don’t base your purchase exclusively on cost. Less expensive models won’t have the many components needed to adjust certain aspects for example, the angle of CV axles. The most costly lift kits could not be needed.

2. Maintenance

Be sure all the parts of the suspension, including CVA axles and bushings and ball joints as well as bearings, are maintained. Having worn-out parts despite having an entirely new suspension kit will not solve any current problems.

3. Rake

The look and feel of the truck as well as the operation of the rake may be changed by a leveling kit. Rakes are vehicles that has its rear end higher than the front. Making sure you have the proper size kit is therefore essential.

Choose a quality kit and be sure to correct the alignment once you’ve set it up.