The Solution to Workplace Diversity – Sky Business News

The issue isn’t one that many are keen to discuss. It is a problem that must be addressed however, nobody wants to debate it. Employers can utilize boxes to ensure that employees aren’t homophobicor sexist or racist when they recruit these employees. Discrimination is huge as we are facing more challenges. There is no change in the face of increasing power. Television management professionals and those at the television screen are alike. The issue of institutionalized sexism is serious issue. Racism that is institutionalized is also a big issue. It has been proven that if you’re born with the sound of a foreign name, you’ll have a harder time getting work. You are 14% less likely to find a job when you’ve got a foreign name. Numerous studies that prove that increasing diversity in a company make for a more successful company. The teams with more diversity are better than ones which aren’t. The corporate world must change as we all know. There’s a business case to make a change. Yet, nothing is changing. If you’re interested in learning more, watch this video. fb9dxjsrfg.