The Most Common AC Problems – Vacuum Storage

In order for air conditioning units to be reliable, they must undergo regular and thorough maintenance.

The following video shows an AC technician explaining the most frequent AC repairs he’s had do for clients. The videos will help pinpoint the problem if you need to repair the air conditioner you have.

If your AC is producing no cold air but seems to work, it could be due to a refrigerant issue. Air conditioners shouldn’t leak refrigerant as they are closed systems, so even if a repair technician refills the refrigerant, the problem will persist unless you are able to locate an issue with the system.

A bad blower motor could cause your AC not to blow the air throughout your house. There are many ways in which these units could fail. In some cases, it is just the capacitor that fails and replacing it solves the issue.

A HVAC technician will be available to assist with the repair of your air conditioner.