How Important Is it To Spay and Neuter Your Pets – Pet Veterinarians

If you’re not looking to add your family pet to the growing list of animals who have been killed it is a good idea to look into a spay and neuter treatment for your animal companion.

There are approximately 70,000 cats and dogs born each daily. It’s easy to observe how many end up homeless in the year. They end at shelters for animal. It is estimated by experts that every year more than a billion dollars is put into housing and rounding the homeless.

Jackson Galaxy’s video discusses the importance of spaying or neutering the pet you love.

Pet owners aren’t keen on their pets to undergo this procedure due to several motives. There are those who fear that neutering and spaying could cause their pets to be at risk of certain diseases, while others are concerned that their cats will gain pounds after the procedure.

You can watch the entire film to learn how Jackson answers all of these common assumptions and more. pcycgtvse7.