The Culinary Artwork of Carl Warner – Confluent Kitchen

A selection of food from restaurants! Although you might consider the ultimate cheeseburger artwork, Carl Warner takes the idea of edible art to a completely different degree. Warner’s works of art display an amount of precision that’s unmatched. Warner designs large-scale landscapes from edible materials and is an absolute pleasure to walk through. In this short video we’ll see a step-by-step look at how the legendary Carl Warner makes his extensive detail-oriented, delicious pieces.

Before beginning, Warner draws every piece of food landscape. To find the required ingredients, he visits the nearest grocery store or an outdoor produce and fruit stand. Then, he replicates iconic scenes using his own ingredients, which causes people to double take to notice the process of making them using ingredients. Though Warner was originally aspired to be an illustrator, he found his passion for photography to be a major one, and now does his food-based landscapes as a permanent job. His models typically require a minimum of a month to finish.